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➶ Holly Banks Full of Angst  Free ➬ Author Julie  Valerie – Submitaurl.info A Laugh Out Loud Debut Novel For Anyone Who S Tried To Live The Perfect Life And Learned The Hard Way There S No Such ThingHolly Banks Could Not Have Made A Worse First Impression On The Seemingly Perfect Moms In Her New Affluent Community, The Village Of Primm Turns Out Wearing Pink Piggy Pajama Bottoms While Dropping Off Her Kindergartener Late To The First Day Of School Wasn T Her Best LookNot To Mention Holly S Worried Her Husband May Be Having An Affair, She Can T Get Her Daughter To Stop Sucking Her Thumb, Her Hard Won Film Degree Is Collecting Dust, And To Top It All Off, The Power Hungry PTA President Clearly Has It In For Her To Make Matters Even Worse, Holly S Natural Eye For Drama Lands Her Smack Dab In The Middle Of A Neighborhood Mystery Right As Her Own Crazy Mother Shows Up In Primm To Help Through It All, Holly Begins To Realize Her Neighbors May Be Just As Flawed As And Even Wackier Than She Is, Leaving Her To Wonder Is There Such A Thing As A Perfect Mom In my opinion, any book that makes me laugh out loud so much that my husband stops what he s doing and asks me to read what is so funny is a five star book That is exactly what Holly Banks Full of Angst had me doing Holly Banks and her family have just moved into the prestigious Village of Primm where everything is perfect The school is perfect, the houses are perfect, and most of all the moms are perfect Each one plays an active role in their child s education by volunteering, thanks to Queen Bee and PTA President Mary Margaret St James When Holly arrives at her first PTA meeting and doesn t want to volunteer, Mary Margaret decides this means War What follows is hilarious and cringe worthy moments as Holly tries desperately to find her place in the Village of Primm, while also realizing that perhaps everyone, even seemingly perfect moms, have their flaws This book is for all the moms Any kind of mom If you re a mom whose kid has had a throw down fit in public because he she doesn t want to do something, this book is for you If you re a mom who feels like there is always another mom out there out moming you in every way possible, this book is for you I love this book Holly Banks makes every mom fail you ve ever had look like a picnic on a sunny day She is such a fun and relatable character because at some point, we ve all been Holly.I also loved Mary Margaret St James and the other moms of the Village of Primm I spent half the book with my mouth hanging open thinking OH my God Are these Moms Crazy Who Acts Like that They were so over the top it was funny This book was a light, funny read, and I can t wait to find out what happens next in the Village of Primm Thank you so much Julie Valerie for this copy and opportunity to offer a review Holly Banks Full of Angst is a must read for any mother who sometimes feels inadequate and what mother doesn t With vivid scenes that make us laugh and cringe in equal measures, Julie Valerie s depiction of motherly angst is palpable Valerie creates in Holly Banks a wholly relatable, refreshingly genuine protagonist, shamed by the seemingly perfect suburban mothers surrounding her With themes of new beginnings, the quest for perfection, motherhood and marriage, Valerie delivers lessons in hospitality, humanity, and hope, gently reminding us that we re all works in progress If you re looking for a fun escape filled with humor and heart, look no further than Holly Banks Full of Angst. Excellent Read Full review to follow Ever wonder what would happen if Liane Moriarty could channel the late Robin Williams Me neither until I read this astonishing debut, a modern allegorical marvel Holly Banks Full of Angst is as whimsical and charming as its namesake, but don t dare mistake it for simple fluff Valerie absolutely skewers Parenting While Privileged, and somehow pulls it off without preaching or condescending, thanks to the inimitable goofball heroine, Holly, the questionably sane person in the insane but wholly recognizable world of Primm Come for the humor, but stay for the honesty Some passages were so outrageously hilarious, I could not believe what I was reading Others rang with so much truth, the world fell away around me I m on my feet and clapping Brava

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