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✴ 999  Epub ✷ Author Heather Dune Macadam – Submitaurl.info On March Nearly A Thousand Young, Unmarried Jewish Women Boarded A Train In Poprad, Slovakia Filled With A Sense Of Adventure And National Pride, They Left Their Parents Homes Wearing Their Best Clothes And Confidently Waving Good Bye Believing They Were Going To Work In A Factory For A Few Months, They Were Eager To Report For Government Service Instead, The Young Women Many Of Them Teenagers Were Sent To Auschwitz Their Government Paid Reich Marks About Apiece For The Nazis To Take Them As Slave Labor Of Those Innocent Deportees, Only A Few Would SurviveThe Facts Of The First Official Jewish Transport To Auschwitz Are Little Known, Yet Profoundly Relevant Today These Were Not Resistance Fighters Or Prisoners Of War There Were No Men Among Them Sent To Almost Certain Death, The Young Women Were Powerless And Insignificant Not Only Because They Were Jewish But Also Because They Were Female Now Acclaimed Author Heather Dune Macadam Reveals Their Poignant Stories, Drawing On Extensive Interviews With Survivors, And Consulting With Historians, Witnesses, And Relatives Of Those First Deportees To Create An Important Addition To Holocaust Literature And Women S History

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