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[Read] ➪ If You Tell  By Gregg Olsen – Submitaurl.info New York Times Bestselling Author Gregg Olsen S Shocking And Empowering True Crime Story Of Three Sisters Determined To Survive Their Mother S House Of Horrors After Than A Decade, When Sisters Nikki, Sami, And Tori Knotek Hear The Word Mom, It Claws Like An Eagle S Talons, Triggering Memories That Have Been Their Secret Since Childhood Until NowFor Years, Behind The Closed Doors Of Their Farmhouse In Raymond, Washington, Their Sadistic Mother, Shelly, Subjected Her Girls To Unimaginable Abuse, Degradation, Torture, And Psychic Terrors Through It All, Nikki, Sami, And Tori Developed A Defiant Bond That Made Them Far Less Vulnerable Than Shelly Imagined Even As Others Were Drawn Into Their Mother S Dark And Perverse Web, The Sisters Found The Strength And Courage To Escape An Escalating Nightmare That Culminated In Multiple MurdersHarrowing And Heartrending, If You Tell Is A Survivor S Story Of Absolute Evil And The Freedom And Justice That Nikki, Sami, And Tori Risked Their Lives To Fight For Sisters Forever, Victims No , They Found A Light In The Darkness That Made Them The Resilient Women They Are Today Loving, Loved, And Moving On

14 thoughts on “If You Tell

  1. Kathy Barrows Kathy Barrows says:

    This was a very hard book for me to read Incredibly well writtenGregg Olsen gave these girls their voice back Completely horrific account of the worst child abuse and elder abuse that Ive ever read about Knowing it was all

  2. Christina Renfro Christina Renfro says:

    This heart wrenching tale of what one woman is capable will leave is in shock For most girls, your mother is your friend, confidant, person you can depend on, but for these three girls, she is nothing but monstrous This will have y

  3. KD Jones KD Jones says:

    Once you stayreading this book you won t be able to put it down Just an amazing story

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