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[Epub] Across Time  By Elizabeth O'Roark – Submitaurl.info Review to come In A Dangerous Time Before Her Owna Dangerous AttractionAmelie Besson Is On The Cusp Of Attaining The Life She S Dreamed Of Until She Finds Herself Stuck In Pre War France, Fifty Years Before Her Time The Country Is About To Be Under German Rule, But Her Most Immediate Problem Is Henri Durand, The Arrogant And Infuriatingly Handsome Vineyard Owner Upon Whom Her Survival Depends The Fiercely Protective Henri Challenges Everything Amelie Holds True Particularly Her Hatred Of The Gift That Brought Her There In The First Place As The Bond Between Them Grows, Amelie Will Begin To Wonder If The Life She S Returning To Is Actually The One She Wants, And If Her Connection To Henri Might Be Strong Enough To Surmount Any Obstacle Even Time Itself Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review Elizabeth knocks it out of the park again Couldn t put it down What continues to impress me is her beautiful writing and how much advanced her plots and style are than most other novels in this category Can t wait for her next one Loved loved loved this story This book is further proof that Elizabeth O Roark is some sort of magical literary unicorn I m not typically a paranormal fan, or a historical fiction fan, really, but she made me one with Across Time I was so invested in the story and can t wait to see how it comes together Looking forward to this prequel to the Parallel and Intersect Duet which I loved.When is the release date expected Across time, is a book that will defy time Once you pick it up, you won t know where the time went It is hard not to read this story in just one sitting It has that perfect balance of slow burn and intrigue that makes it impossible to set down The depth of characters in this story will have you feeling and fall in love with the characters as they find their way For those of you who loved the Parallel duet, this one will absolutely blow you away.Elizabeth O Roark s superior depth of character and emotions makes this story come alive and will have you wishing you could defy time and space to be apart of this story This is by far a 5 Star read I couldn t wait to read this book once Elizabeth O Roark made the announcement that there would be a story taking place in historic France After reading Parallel and Intersect, I couldn t get enough of this world of time traveling women, particularly regarding a mysterious character whom the reader didn t have the opportunity to get to know, but very much wants to and has so many questions for her and her past This book did not disappoint and carried the same vein of romance, angst, wit and suspense.Amelie Besson arrives in a barn in 1938 and is unwelcome by its surly and suspicious owner, Henri Durand Amelie has a potentially bright future ahead of her in the present day, but has some unresolved matters to handle first, which is why she s here She s still not exactly sure what her purpose is, but in order to move forward, she has to carry out her duties and hopefully absolve herself of some longstanding guilt Amelie is not a fan of her time traveling ability and would rather ignore and suppress it altogether, which is her plan once this trip is over I absolutely loved the dynamic between Henri and Amelie and was endlessly amused They constantly antagonize each other at every turn with sharp barbs and digs, but the underlying sexual tension is so electric and obvious from the very beginning Henri comes across as brooding, arrogant and unimpressed, but he adores his sister Marie and is otherwise pleasant to everyone else He is doubtful of Amelie s motives, but she manages to forge a close friendship with Marie Henri is my favorite combination of direct, reluctant, perceptive, caring, protective and chivalrous He says all the wrong things, but his actions dictate otherwise Nick from Parallel and Intersect is a hard act to follow and I loved him something fierce, but Henri s brand of charm hit all the right checkboxes for me especially with knowing who he is in relation to the main character in that duet.It was entertaining to watch Amelie adapt to a period several decades earlier, devoid of modern day conveniences She couldn t wait to go home, but any time she talks about home, it was questionable as to what she was returning to After being around Henri and Marie, she develops a bond that feels familiar to her than with anyone else in her life, causing her to question if she should go back I watched her grow as a character and saw her make some significant strides in terms of self love and acceptance Amelie also has to decide how much to reveal to Henri and Marie about the future during this pre war era and there are some other mysteries intertwined that have a direct impact on each of these characters Will they have a chance at the future they want or will their paths take an alternate trajectory From the very first page, I was immersed and captivated, feeling completely invested in these characters Needless to say, I cannot wait to find out what happens next because I want answers If you thoroughly enjoyed Parallel and Intersect, this one is another winner with Elizabeth O Roark s brand of writing.

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