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Serpent & Dove PDF ´ Serpent &  ePUB Û A brilliant debut, full of everything I love a sparkling and fully realized heroine, an intricate and deadly system of magic, and a searing romance that kept me reading long into the night Serpent Dove is an absolute gem of a book Sarah J Maas,New York Times bestselling author of A Court of Thorns and Roses seriesBound as one, to love, honor, or burn Book one of a stunning fantasy duology, this tale of witchcraft and forbidden love is perfect for fans of Kendare Blake and Sara HollandTwo years ago, Louise le Blanc fled her coven and took shelter in the city of Cesarine, forsaking all magic and living off whatever she could steal There, witches like Lou are hunted They are feared And they are burnedAs a huntsman of the Church, Reid Diggory has lived his life by one principle Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live But when Lou pulls a wicked stunt, the two are forced into an impossible situation marriageLou, unable to ignore her growing feelings, yet powerless to change what she is, must make a choice And love makes fools of us allSet in a world of powerful women, dark magic, and off the charts romance, book one of this stunning fantasy duology will leave readers burning for

10 thoughts on “Serpent & Dove

  1. ✨ A ✨ ✨ A ✨ says:

    First Read July 2019Few things compare to that feeling you get after finishing a book that lived up to your expectations Ever since I read the blurb of this book I knew I was going to love this and I WAS NOT DISSAPOINTED.It had everything I adore addictive easy writing enemies to lovers marriage of convenience wit

  2. Emily May Emily May says:

    Now move, or I swear to God, I will strip naked right here and dance the bourree I thrust my hands on my hips and looked at him expectantly.He didn t even glance at the people around us Instead, he kept his eyes trained on mine, a slow smirk spreading across his face Do itDon t judge me I can feel your judgement I know, I

  3. Cindy Pham Cindy Pham says:

    This is one of the most ridiculous books I ve read this year and it s only January It has such an absurd setup for the plot, clumsy characterization, and the humor lands very poorly I cringed every time the main character would loudly sing Big Titty Liddy I did like the 1 sex scene though.

  4. Regan Regan says:

    sooooo much fun

  5. Kat Kat says:

    it seems almost wrong to rate this bc it feels like i m reviewing a fan fiction that i read at 3 amthere are a bunch of complaints i have about the craft of this book, but at the same time it was a whirlwind of a story that kept me wildly entertained even as i physically stopped myself from rolling my eyes every other chapter therefore, it sits righ

  6. Nick Nick says:

    I know I know this does not have the qualities of a 5 star book The magic system is nonsense and undeveloped I have never read fanfiction in my life but this book sure felt like one However I really really enjoyed it Reid reminds me so much of myself because I too was raised into a family where there were no curses, and even as an adult now it still feels ki

  7. Alex ✰ Comets and Comments ✰ Alex ✰ Comets and Comments ✰ says:

    It doesn t end in death It ends in hopeLet me tell you about my favourite NA fantasy book of 2019 _______________ A Story About A Witch Getting Hitched But Much More Serpent and Dove stole my heart in so many ways and all I want to do is go back and read it all over again This lush tale full of magic and intrigue is wildly imaginative but soft at the same time and if

  8. chan ☆ chan ☆ says:

    petition to change the name of this book to the never ending storyreading my twitter followers most disappointing books of 2019 petition to change the name of this book to the never ending storyreading my twitter followers most disappointing books of 2019

  9. Nilufer Ozmekik Nilufer Ozmekik says:

    I wasn t attending to the star giving auctions for too long but finally I FOUND A oh no I couldn t find an adjective to express my feelings about this book Fantastic No Too weak Extraordinary No Not emphasizing my emotions enough Okay let s get over this auction as I resume my brain storming to find the right words One zillion stars Did I hear three zillion What the hell Five gazillio

  10. Emma Giordano Emma Giordano says:

    4.5 Stars Such a beautifully rich fantasy debut I was so pleasantly surprised to find how attached I became to the characters and overall story This is not a book you are going to want to miss Full review to comeI received a copy of this book from Harper Teen in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own

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