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We Are All the Same in the Dark PDF/EPUB ´ All the The discovery of a girl abandoned by the side of the road threatens to unearth the long buried secrets of a Texas town s legendary cold case in this superb, atmospheric novel from the internationally bestselling author of Black Eyed Susans If you only read one thriller this year, let it be this one Psychologically absorbing, original and atmospheric I could not turn the pages fast enough Elin Hilderbrand,New York Times bestselling author ofSummersIt s been a decade since Trumanell Branson disappeared, leaving only a bloody handprint behind Her pretty face still hangs like a watchful queen on the posters on the walls of the town s Baptist church, the police station, and in the high school They all promise the same thing We will find you Meanwhile, her brother, Wyatt, lives as a pariah in the desolation of the old family house, cleared of wrongdoing by the police but tried and sentenced in the court of public opinion and in a new documentary about the crimeWhen Wyatt finds a lost girl dumped in a field of dandelions, making silent wishes, he believes she is a sign The town s youngest cop, Odette Tucker, believes she is a catalyst that will ignite a seething town still waiting for its own missing girl to come home But Odette can t look away She shares a wound that won t close with the mute, one eyed mystery girl And she is haunted by her own history with the missing TruDesperate to solve both cases, Odette fights to save the lost girl in the present and to dig up the shocking truth about a fateful night in the past the night her friend disappeared, the night that inspired her to become a cop, the night that wrote them all a role in the town s dark, violent mythologyIn this twisty psychological thriller, Julia Heaberlin paints unforgettable portraits of a woman and a girl who redefine perceptions of physical beauty and strengthAdvance praise for We Are All the Same in the Dark Julia Heaberlin once again brilliantly captures the atmosphere and rough beauty of a strange and divided state CrimeReads Exceptional After a devastating twist halfway through, the intense plot builds to an emotional finale Heaberlin sensitively addresses issues of survival and vulnerability in this heart wrenching gothic tale Publishers Weekly starred review

10 thoughts on “We Are All the Same in the Dark

  1. Nilufer Ozmekik Nilufer Ozmekik says:

    A creepy, nerve bending, slow burn mystery about two girls one is missing for a decade and the other one is found but we don t know her identity, her secret past and why she is found in the middle of the road.Three POVED narration, dark, cryptic, intense, high tensioned small town mystery reminds you of tango between True Detective and Fargo a little Twin Peaks vibes incl

  2. marilyn marilyn says:

    We Are All the Same in the Dark gives us a story from three perspectives First we see things through the eyes of twenty six year old Wyatt, when he finds a one eyed girl on the side of the road Wyatt has an extremely troubled and violent background and he knows that his world will explode worse than it already has, if he is found with this girl During Wyatt s, too short for me,

  3. Dorie - Cats&Books :) Dorie - Cats&Books :) says:

    This novel was described as atmospheric and with a gothic feel and I will agree with that The prose is beautifully written and the story is a good one I did, however, have some problems with it which I will outline later.The novel is told from three points of view The first is that of Wyatt, a young man who was involved in a horrific crime but was found innocent by the court However th

  4. ScrappyMags ScrappyMags says:

    Like a Texas drawl this story develops slowly with tiny drops of suspense Shortest Summary Ever Small town Texas cop Odette Tucker has never been able to escape what happened 10 yrs ago the disappearance of Trumanell Branson that name is soooo Texas , the most popular girl next door best thing since sliced white bread Posters still scream for the return of the town s princess All eyes and gos

  5. Holly Holly says:

    4.5 starsI admit that I wondered if I was going to like this book or not when I began reading this Told with 3 pov s Wyatt, Odette, and Angel I struggled a little with Wyatt, the brother of Trumanell, who went missing a decade ago He s always been under suspicion of her possible death, so when he finds an abandoned girl on the side of the road he hesitates to turn her over to the police Odette is a

  6. Rene Denfeld Rene Denfeld says:

    How could I have missed this writer before Julie Heaberlin is brilliant I especially loved the women characters They felt so real The writing is delicate and yet scorching, and the plot line believable This book is raw, stunning, both otherworldly and yet heart grabbing You ll be up all night and won t regret it.

  7. Alicia Bayer Alicia Bayer says:

    This is the sort of book that is the reason I don t give 5 stars on Goodreads willy nilly What a phenomenal book This is the sort of mystery thriller novel I ve been waiting to read, where the author doesn t just give you a mystery to solve but gives you a mesmerizing story with people who get into your soul It was poetic, gut wrenching, suspenseful, interesting, devastating and just easy to get sucked into This

  8. Cyndi Cyndi says:

    A years old mystery is re examined when a young girl is found on the side of the road in a small Texas town where everyone knows each other s business This was a definite slow burn mystery told from 3 different povs Heaberlin is an excellent writer but at times I got bogged down with the wordiness There were also times where I got a little confused about what was going on in the plot I kept flipping back, thinking that

  9. Kyra Leseberg (Roots & Reads) Kyra Leseberg (Roots & Reads) says:

    A decade has passed since Trumanell Branson disappeared She s beloved by her hometown and her photo still hangs everywhere from the church to the police station, unforgotten, like a promise that she will be found.Though he has been cleared by police, Trumanell s brother Wyatt has been found guilty by the town and has lived in isolation in the family house, where he continues to have conversations with his missing sister.On his

  10. Roman Clodia Roman Clodia says:

    I m a great Heaberlin fan having read her last four books this one starts brilliantly with her usual mix of twisty darkness with emotional intensity and I loved Odette and her relations with Wyatt and Finn And then, at just past 50% it all dropped off a cliff view spoiler Odette is killed and the story reassumes five years later in the voice of an 18 year old character picking up the mystery of her disappearance hide spoiler I was gu

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