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Free ↠ Find Me By Anne Frasier – A Bone Chilling Family History Is Unearthed In A Heart Stopping Thriller By New York Times Bestselling Author Anne Frasier Convicted Serial Killer Benjamin Fisher Has Finally Offered To Lead San Bernardino Detective Daniel Ellis To The Isolated Graves Of His Victims One Catch He Ll Only Do It If FBI Profiler Reni Fisher, His Estranged Daughter, Accompanies Them As Hard As It Is To Exhume Her Traumatic Childhood, Reni Can T Say No She Still Feels Complicit In Her Father S CrimesPerfect To Play A Lost Little Girl, Reni Was The Bait To Lure Unsuspecting Women To Their Deaths It S Time For Closure For Her For The Families And For Daniel He Shares Reni S Obsession With The Past Ever Since He Was A Boy, He S Been Convinced That His Mother Was One Of Fisher S VictimsA Five Hundred Mile Road Trip Lies Ahead Thirty Years Of Bad Memories Are Flooding Back A Master Manipulator Has Gained Their Trust For Reni And Daniel, This Isn T The End Of A Nightmare It S Only The Beginning

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  1. Maureen Carden Maureen Carden says:

    Outstanding start to a new series How do you get past your beloved father being a prolific serial killer who used you as bait to attract the victims How do you get past that despite the fact that you were FIVE years old, some people still manage to blame you How do you get past the fact that your mother disappeared one night and her body never recovered How do you past the fact that now you have a chance to find her body if

  2. Monnie Monnie says:

    This book, which I snagged as anFirstReads pick, is the first in a series and after finishing it, I m already chomping at the bit for the next It features Daniel Ellis, a detective in San Bernardino, California he took over the case of a serial killer from a retired detective The killer, Benjamin Fisher, has been in jail for 30 years or so, but so far he s refused to reveal the locations at which he hid his victims bodies.Out of the

  3. Misty Misty says:

    If you ve read In My Father s Basement, you may at first be lulled into a false sense of deja vu Don t become complacent, however, or the twists and turns may just knock your legs out from under you Frazier does a brilliant job creating characters we both like and root for, whilst at the same time planting seeds of doubt about each of them Without offering spoilers, I will say that for me the only place this one fell short was in the incomp

  4. RedRedtheycallmeRed RedRedtheycallmeRed says:

    The settings of Anne Frasier s books are always such a huge part of the story, and this one is no exception Moving away from Savannah and Minneapolis to the desert of California, where Reni is living a fairly solitary life Her father is a famous serial killer, and he offers to lead police to the bodies if Reni accompanies them But that s only a small part of the story There is a lot that happens after that, the story took twists and turns that I di

  5. Erin Erin says:

    Madness in the MojaveDaniel Ellis, a homicide detective for San Bernardino County has been summoned to San Quentin by Benjamin Fisher, the serial killer known as the Inland Empire Killer Fisher has been in prison for thirty years and has long teased law enforcement about giving up the locations of the bodies of his victims He offers to do so now, but in exchange demands that his daughter, Reni be present.Reni whom he used as bait to lure his victims Reni l

  6. Jenna Bachman Jenna Bachman says:

    A solid 4.25 4.5 5 on this one for me definitely one of my better First Reads picks Lots of twists and turns that are foreshadowed just enough in the beginning half they don t feel randomly concocted, but are surprising enough to keep you turning the pages The premise here is really compelling and Frasier delivers on it Both main characters are pretty well fleshed out, and I enjoyed reading from both of their perspectives I m glad to see this is book 1 I definitel

  7. Megan Megan says:

    How does this dress look on meWow, what a book I ve been in a bit of a reading slump and this was on Prime Reading s First Picks list for this week, so I figured I d give it a try I don t read your typical adult crime mystery novels very often, but Find Me makes me wonder why I read this book in just over 24 hours and I m still thinking about it It was fast paced, it had the perfect blend of revealing answers while presentingquestions, the trauma depicted in the characte

  8. Tucki Tucki says:

    3.5 Thriller but the ending was over the top ridiculous

  9. Mattie Mattie says:

    Find Me by Anne Fraiser is another winner to add to the list The first chapter draws you in and refuses to relinquish its grip until it s fantastic conclusion FBI profiler Reni Fisher and Detective Daniel Ellis work alongside convicted serial killer, Benjamin Fisher Reni s father The journey they embark to locate graves is a nightmare The questions you ll be asking yourself is is Benjamin Fisher the true serial killer or is he unjustifiably convicted Many twists and turns like Find Me by

  10. Carol Carol says:

    Okay, I m not actually going to the gym, but to a friend s house to use her elliptical It s farther than the gym, and she s usually working so it s not like I can fit in a visit to entice me to go It s books like Find Me that get me out of bed, into my workout clothes, and over the bridge to my friends house AND that keep me on the machine for at least an hour because I want to know what happens next I m reading this on kindleFirst Reads , and after 70 minutes on the machine I was k Okay, I m no

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