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[Epub] ↠ Sorry I Missed You Author Suzy Krause – Submitaurl.info A Poignant And Heartwarming Novel About Friendship, Ghosting, And Searching For Answers To Life S MysteriesWhen Mackenzie, Sunna, And Maude Move Into A Converted Rental House, They Are Strangers With Only One Thing In Common Important People In Their Lives Have Ghosted Them Mackenzie S Sister, Sunna S Best Friend, And Maude S Fianc All Gone With No ExplanationSo When A Mangled, Near Indecipherable Letter Arrives In Their Shared Mailbox Hinting At Long Awaited Answers Each Tenant Assumes It S For Her The Mismatched Trio Decides To Stake Out The Coffee Shop Named In The Letter The Only Clue They Have And In The Process, A Bizarre Kinship Forms But The They Learn About Each Other, The Questions And Suspicions They Begin To Have All The While, Creepy Sounds And Strange Happenings Around The Property Suggest That The Ghosts From Their Pasts Might Not Be All That S Haunting Them Will Any Of The Housemates Find The Closure They Are Looking For Or Are Some Doors Meant To Remain Closed Quirky, Humorous, And Utterly Original, Sorry I Missed You Is The Perfect Read For Anyone Who Has Ever Felt Haunted By Their Past Or By Anything Else

10 thoughts on “Sorry I Missed You

  1. Brooke — brooklynnnnereads Brooke — brooklynnnnereads says:

    After reading and LOVING the author s debut novel Valencia and Valentine , I was extremely excited when Suzy offered me a chance to read an ARC of her second novel That excitement was warranted beca

  2. Suzy Krause Suzy Krause says:

    Hey You ve stumbled across my second novel, and I m excited for you to read it If you like light, not too creepy ghost stories or if you sometimes daydream about getting closure in that weird high school rela

  3. Samantha Bailey Samantha Bailey says:

    Quirky, original, hilarious, and poignant, SORRY I MISSED YOU is an unforgettable read with a knockout premise With ghosts from their pasts, and perhaps real ones in their present, four strangers connect through one re

  4. Sarah Sarah says:

    For my full review, visit me at was an unexpected gift of a read I wasn t too sure what to anticipate with this story but I was left blown away and appreciative of having read this novel.For my full review, visit me at

  5. Laurie Laurie says:

    The ghost isn t the person it s the feelings attached to the person This is a unique story of three ladies, so different in age, and life experiences They have one thing in common each has lost a relationship at one time They live in an o

  6. Jenny Jenny says:

    There are so many things going on in this book and it s about so many things it s difficult to summarise we start with the stories of 3 ladies Maude, Sunna and Mackenzie Each have lost a relationship of significance and end up each renting a suite

  7. Vibliophile Vibliophile says:

    4.5 stars Quirky but fun This isn t my usual fare, but since it was one of Prime s monthly options looked like it could be entertaining, I decided to give it a try I m happy to say that I ve no regrets.The widely disparate protagonists don t have much in com

  8. Kelly Corley (lets.get.biblio) Kelly Corley (lets.get.biblio) says:

    I received this book from Suzy herself after I raved about Valencia and Valentine to share my honest review She is honestly such a wonderful, responsive author too But I have to say that I absolutely loved this book It was funny and poignant and quirky I loved Maude,

  9. Robyn Koester Robyn Koester says:

    What a fantastic book I read it in 1 day You will fall in love with every part of this funny, thoughtful, out of the box wonder Krause has succeeded, with flying colours, at weaving together a motley crew of unrelated characters into a team you root for and just plain love She

  10. Louetta Waters Louetta Waters says:

    Well written, mysterious, touching, at times humorous, a very enjoyable read To me, th s was a lesson on communication I loved the quirky characters 4 stars

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